About Us

HERR Enterprises, Inc.


HERR Enterprises Incorporated is a corporation based in central Alabama. Devoted to the Healthcare Community, we offer an array of services that help maintain costs associated with the extension of equipment longevity. HERR Enterprises is dedicated to offering cost effective alternatives. HERR Enterprises offers repair services associated with the  refurbishment of medial equipment, in addition to Repairs and Proactive Maintenance Services. 

It is very important that all potential customers understand the commitment HERR Enterprises makes to completing all tasks at the highest possible standard. We make every effort to work with each customer as a partner faced with the forever changing challenges of controlling costs without compromising quality. HERR Enterprises works with each facility individually offering customized services that are beneficial to each individual account. This act of good faith displays the desire to work with all customers in a fair and equally beneficial manner. HERR Enterprises is committed to growing through quality relationships, relationships that offer growth through word of mouth, proud workmanship and quality friendly customer service.

HERR Enterprises thanks you for the opportunity to earn your trust and business.